Website of Lost & Stolen Dogs in the UK and Eire

We are here to help you!  If you find a dog, you can check its description against the ones on these pages. If you have lost a dog or had one stolen, you can contact us and we will list it here, free of charge.

Help find these Lost Dogs - you might need help one day

In the interests of space, all dogs missing for over six months have been removed unless the owners specifically asked us to leave them on. Please help keep the site manageable by telling us when your dog is recovered

If you have found a dog use this search engine to see if it matches the description of any of the dogs listed as missing with us - the owners will be very pleased to hear from you if you find their dog. Type the Breed you have found or are missing and click on 'FIND' - this will bring up a list of possible dogs which you can further identify by colour or by other details using 'REFINE'

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If you think you have information which could help recover individually submitted dogs, you should make direct contact with the owner, the local police or the Webmasters.
LurcherSearch co-ordinator, Jane, can be reached on 01598 753 563 or you can email kaye@lurcher.org

To help others help you find your Lost Dogs

Please, think carefully about whether you wish your phone number included as we cannot take any responsibility for calls you may receive, and then give us as much information as possible.

Have a look at 'TIPS' to see the kind of information which will be most helpful and then use our submission form.

We can also include photographs - if they are sent in acceptable format

Click here to send photographs ONLY in .jpg format. They should be no larger than 30 - 50 Kb. If a photo takes longer than  5 - 10 seconds to upload then it is too big. Please cancel upload and make the photo smaller. You can email for instructions on how to do this.

We apologise if you find this restrictive but we pay our phone bills to enable you to publish details of your lost dog

*** National MicroChipping Month in June 2010 ***  Pet owners registered with the 24hr UK PETtrac database will be offered the chance to update their MicroChip registration details free of charge ! This can be updated through the website - www.petchipupdate.com or via the PETtrac freephone number 0800 652 8 977.
Tips -  Advice on how to protect your dog and what to do if it goes missing. It includes ideas on how to describe your dog in detail so that a finder can recognise it and give a better chance of reuniting you with your dog
Submission Form - Use this to send us full details about your lost pet
Railtrack Helpline - the people who clear the track will be able to give a description of any dog killed which may help people who have lost dogs to find out what happened to them. The phone number is 08457 114 141. All dogs found are supposed to be logged but if you fail to get any joy from this number, don't hesitate to speak to the 'local' linesman in the area you think the dog went missing
Lost&Found dogs in the U.S. and Canada cannot be accommodated on this site, but you can link from here to a free not-for-profit site who will take your details
Justice for Dogs Membership of this Charity should be a 'must' for all UK dog owners. The motto is 'We are here if you need us' and that is true in so many ways, including canine legal matters, advice and practical assistance. Visit the site and then join - £6.00 a year. Donations are also very welcome. Details on the JfD website.
Find your nearest UK Vet
Our Dogs Newspaper - Your complete guide to the world of pedigree show dogs, dog breeders, dogshows in the UK and Europe.
Lurcher Link a new, voluntary organisation aiming to save Lurchers' lives by liaising between rescues, stray pounds and members of the public. Many Lurchers are destroyed each week because the stray pounds are full and the local rescues have no more room. Yet in other parts of the country, people are looking for Lurchers to rehome. This organisation aims to rectify this situation by providing a contact for all rescues, the public and stray centres. Email Kaye@lurcher.org or ring 01422 240168.
DIRUK Resource list - mail list allowing communication between rescue groups and volunteers involved in dog rescue, fostering, transportation and rehoming
ChampDogs Many 'doggy' people visit for a chat and the administrators have kindly added a section for anyone to add information on lost dogs. Dogs entered on our site are automatically copied there.
Agilitynet Agilitynet is a national web site for the dog sport of agility in the UK. There is also a rescue page for dogs with agility potential
People And Dogs Society (PADS) is a registered charity (non profit making organisation) dedicated to helping dogs and their owners. It relies on public support to keep going. PADS is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board so you can give with confidence. Tel 0845 269 0093 (9 am to 9 pm) or email pads@btinternet.com
Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue Ltd Aims are -
*To campaign and oppose the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (UK)
*To support and assist dog owners subject to this draconian legislation
*To raise awareness to the continued threat of breed specific legislation
They also take in dogs with special needs that, through no fault of their own, need re-homing.
You can contact the Webmistress by email
Free online Dog Adoption Database allowing all rescue organisations in the UK and Eire to show up-to-date details and a picture of dogs available for adoption
The Dogsnose Web Site A new but growing database site exclusively for dog lover volunteers and dog rescues/shelters to come together
Compare Pet Insurance A site to help you find the best insurance scheme for your pets

Links to general Rescue and (alphabetically listed) Breed Specific Rescue sites
(Please email the webmasters if you would like your rescue site to be included)
LurcherSearch UK is building a new website - check this out too
Yahoo Lost Dogs List You can subscribe to a List for the use of pet-owners who have lost their dogs. The List Moderator is Rottweiler Rescue and you can acces it from that website too (see under)
Dog Rescue Pages - Excellent site giving links to Rescue sites, Homes, Groups and individual Breed Rescues. All you should ever need to help you can be found here
Lost Doggies Another site offering to publicise the loss of your dog without charge and to help you try to find him
Petsearch (UK)
Pet Detective Another free site which is there to help you find your lost pets of all kinds
The Dog Rescue Net
Losers Weepers A National Database for all things lost and found - including Pets !
Pet Rescue Rescue, Re-homing, Community vets clinic. Email
marty@jimartys.demon.co.uk Official Stray Dog Pound for the Telford area of Shropshire. They have a non-destruction policy
Animals in Distress An animal rescue charity in the northwest of England with two sanctuaries and a no-kill policy.
The Internet Lost and Found A redesigned website offers the largest lost and found pet database online, creating a valuable resource for those who may have lost a pet.
Lost and Found Pets website PawTrax PATmicro GPS Animal Tracker was launched at last year's Discover Dogs - it is small, light, waterproof and requires no subscription. If your pet goes missing just send it a text message from your mobile and it will respond with a map showing your pets location...
Lost Pet Locator Started in September 2009, this is a free site for people in the UK. Once a report is received, contact is made with all local veterinary practises, shelters and charities (including the wardens) in an effort to reunite the owner with their lost pet.
Free UK Pet Advertising Free pet advertising in the UK for breeders, rescue shelters and pet owners.
Petside Send a photo of your lost dog to Petside UK and theyíll help you find it. At Petside you can also see breed information and ask their resident vet a health question.
Barnsley Animal Rescue
Binfield Dog Rescue (near Reading, Berks)
Monmouth Dog Rescue
Mutts in Distress Bishops Stortford, Herts
Pets For Adoption - Find Pets for adoption in the UK at Mypetzilla
Oxfordshire Network of free sites for lost and found pets.
Teckels Animal Sanctuaries
Afghan Hound Information Exchange
Border Collie Trust GB - a registered charity run for the benefit of Border Collies
Valgrays Border Collie Rescue - 24 hour operation line for rescue, rehoming and reuniting strays and collection of Border Collies from a number of 'pounds'. Charity Number 1088503. Telephone : 01883624513
Holiday Planning With Dogs ! - The website will help you plan your holiday to include taking your dog(s). 100% of the proceeds goes to The Border Collie Trust GB - The site's Webmaster's own dog was recovered thanks to this organisation
Overlooked Rescue Dogs Dog Rescue, Rehoming and Adoption in the UK and Ireland. All breeds of dog, all areas. Please consider a rescue dog!
Northern Borzoi Rescue
Boxer Rescue (UK)
Bulldog Rescue
Deerness Kennels Strays & Rehoming scheme for County Durham
Dobes in Need
German Shepherd Rescue is based in Scotland but has just put up a new site with a national database for GSD's needing homes across the UK.
Any rescue in the UK can send details of German Shepherd dogs they need featured and they will be included in the database.
Rescue co-ordinator - Jayne Shenstone, email jayne@sundialcreative.com.
This is a completely free service run by volunteers.
German Shepherd Forum where people can come for any help, tips or advice - also for helping to find and rehome GSDs.
German Shepherd Helpline Free online and telephone help and advice on all aspects of the breed and its welfare.
German Shepherd Forum Where GSD lovers can meet and get together.
German Shepherd Rehoming A north east based German Shepherd Dog rescue and rehoming shelter.
Greyhound Rescue
Labrador Rescue Lost a pet Labrador, we can help. We have a lost and found directory for missing dogs, photo gallery, lost dog forums, helpful information and a Labs Alert list of helpers willing to assist in finding your pet dog. We also have an 'any breed' section.
Old English Mastiff Club Rescue Rescue co-ordinator - Mrs Irene Boner.
Phone 07759266407 or email mastiff@irebon.freeserve.co.uk
Rottweiler Rescue
Southern Shih Tzu Rescue Homepage All contact details are on the webpage and there is always someone on the end of the phone to help.
German Short Haired Pointer Rescue Please use this link for Rescues throughout the UK from now on. Links for South West England and Sussex Rescue have been redirected here
Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Rescue Rehoming & Welfare Service or phone Margarita on 01293 871373 or 07836 789464
Lost Lurchers & Greyhounds A small Rescue that collects dogs from pounds in Wales and Liverpool after their 7 days are up. If you lose a dog but can't find it in the area, contact Sarah
Links to sites offering to illustrate your Dog
(Please email the webmasters if you would like your rescue site to be included)
We take no responsibility for advertisers on this site - all URLs are accepted in good faith
Digital Touch Website Design High quality, low cost website design specialising in dog related brochure websites.
Pet Portraits by Pauline Gledhill Pauline is an artist who paints and draws animals. Get her to do a portrait of your pet.
Animal & Pet Portraits by Laura Young. Pet Portraits of dogs, horses, cats and other animals commissioned from Photographs by Artist Laura Young. Watercolour Pencil, Graphite Pencil & Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits in the Online Gallery. Likeness Guaranteed, Secure Online Ordering & Free Worldwide Delivery.
Pet Portraits in pastels by Lorraine Gray
Pet Portraits John Payne
Dog Photography Peter will take an up-to-date photo of your dog for you to enjoy and to be available just in case
Pastel Pet Portraits Pastel Pet Portraits by UK Animal Portrait Artist Sally Logue
Laser etching allows unimaginable detail of dog portraits to be permanently etched into many materials. Transform your dog or any pet portrait into an etching to be treasured forever.
Pet Portraits by Amanda Brown
A3 Pet Portraits by Steph Dix. High quality pet portraits in pencil and watercolour. Can be completed at short notice. Preview your portrait online. No obligation to purchase unless 100% satisfied.
Pet Painter This is a site where you can commission a unique and stunning painting of your pet. Hugh South is an experienced artist who paints fresh and contemporary portraits for the modern home.
Beautiful Portraits from your favourite photographs, sensitively created in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery
Pet Portrait Paintings Commissioned pet portraits of your favourite dog, cat, horse or other pets by UK artist Penny Richardson
Pet Portrait & Family Portrait Artist Artist Kate Tugwell captures the beauty and character of your pet or family through her portraits. Kate works in acrylics and coloured pastels. (based in Worthing, West Sussex)
Pet Memorials Specialists in creating unique high quality pet memorials in glass
Dogs Etc Limited Gifts for people who love animals
Julie Hollinshead's Pet Portrait Drawing and painting your pets to a high standard from your photos.
Perfectly Engraved for a selection of Dog Tags for your pet.
Photo-at-Events Professional Pet Photographers in Essex who attend many Dog \ Agility shows in the Southeast. This company offers a free digital image for K9ís and Cats. They explain this isnít their main line of work but is something they like to do for owners in Essex
Pet Portraits This webshop has many artists from all over the world ready to illustrate your dog.
Miscellaneous links
Everything Doggie
Vetulike - A web site that provides easy-to-access information on a wide variety of common pet healthcare issues
Dog Food Direct A home delivery service for top brand dog and cat food, toys and accessories
Free Pet ecards - a collection of different e-cards for the pet lovers
The National Dog Tattoo Register Website Contact Essex Tattooist by phone : 01268-559281
Physiotherapy for Dogs Stefanie Ruffer offers thorough assessment and video imaging of dog's gait - Massage and other physical treatment - Magnetic field therapy - Treatment with TENS
Pet Supplies Your one-stop internet resource for the best in pet food, pet medication and all your pet supply needs
Animal Sanctuary and on-line Pet-shop. All proceeds help to pay for the Sanctuary
Pet Owners Community Forum A free UK pet community for pet owners to discuss all pet related topics and make new like minded friends.
Pets Locally A free pet services website for all pet charities, pet services and pet businesses to advertise their services for free. Similar to Yellow Pages but just for pets. All businesses/charities can be reviewed and rated by members.
Collectors Map Whether you are looking for pet friendly holiday accommodation in the British Isles, information on forthcoming worldwide dog shows or a limited edition canine collectors gift; MAPS4PETS has a map for you.
Silver Lining ideas Rescue Cleaner is a fun iPhone application that shows dogs cleaning your iPhone screen. Most of the dogs used in our videos are from rescue themselves. Proceeds from Rescue Cleaner (and all Silver Lining Ideas applications) go to helping various Animal Rescue groups.
Pet Insurance Comparison website where you can sort pet insurance policies by different criteria. There are up to 11 columns of policy information for each pet plan, giving you what the site hopew is the most comprehensive comparison available without having to submit your details.
Dog Forum UK An on-line community of Dog Lovers - a place to share advice, tips and anecdotes !

Please remember that this is YOUR Lost Dogs website - and if you have had a dog stolen, you are invited to submit details, either individually or via your Breed Rescue or any other organisation.

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